Monday 29 November 2021

Financial Crimes Symposium

COBA’s annual Financial Crimes Symposium will be held on Monday 29 November.

Registration & participation in the Financial Crimes Symposium (29 November) is open to COBA Members only, from Executive level to frontline staff working in fraud and financial crimes, AML/CTF, operational fraud areas, risk, audit and compliance. CEO/GM’s or Directors from smaller COBA Members are also welcome to attend relevant sessions.

About COBA Financial Crimes

COBA’s specialist Financial Crimes advisory services are unique to the sector with our commercial neutral approach earning us the long-term trust of members.

COBA’s Financial Crimes team has been a member partner for 18 years, providing unbiased expert support across all fraud typologies and facilitating strong sector collaboration and engagement for an informed fraud prevention community. Our work has saved the sector millions annually through early alerts, advice, customised training, coordinated representation and liaison activities with law enforcement, government, and banking partners.

COBA’s Financial Crimes team continually monitors the rapidly evolving financial crimes and cyber risk landscape, and advocates on behalf of members with relevant law enforcement and compliance agencies. The team provides education and resources to members, to help them stay ahead of an ever-changing risk landscape.

Please click here to view our detailed program and learning outcomes.