What timezone is the event held in?

The convention is run from Sydney and is therefore in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT). 

What inclusions are available with the event registration fee?

Access to the presentation sessions including participating in live Q&A and polling where applicable.  Access will be available during the day and after the event for a limited time period (if permission provided by the speaker).

The ability to meet virtually with attendees and presenters. Meeting with exhibitors will only be offered on the main convention day, Tuesday 30 November.

Will I be able to join the event with a group?

We request that every individual has a separate registration.  While it is possible for one person to use their log in to view with a group this will not allow you to fully take advantage of networking opportunities.  A group registration discount is available with more than 5 registrations.  

Will I be entitled to a refund if unable to attend?

There will not be any refunds if you cannot attend on the day.  The event will be fully recorded and presentations will be available after the event for a limited time period (if permission provided by the speaker).  If you cannot attend but have a colleague that can attend, we would suggest your transfer your registration prior to the registration deadline of 25 November.  

What technical equipment will I need to fully participate in the event?

A camera and microphone with your computer are required. A headset is recommended to optimise your audio but not essential.  We highly recommend using a PC or Mac rather than an iPad and do not recommend using an iPhone to access.  A stable internet connection is required.

The optimal browser for the portal is Google Chrome. If unavailable, please use Firefox or Microsoft Edge. The event portal is only supported on Safari if you are accessing via an iPad.

Full instructions will be provided prior to the event and we recommend you test the system when these are provided.  Technical support will be available on the day.

A common issue is that your system has firewall blocking.

If any type of firewall blocking is enabled, to test what is blocked use https://networktest.twilio.com/ .  The following links need to be allowed/whitelisted:

  • vss.twilio.com 443 WSS (Global Low Latency Twilio)
  • vss.twilio.com 443 WSS (Australia Twilio)

OnAIR portal https://portalapp.conceptevents.eventsair.com/

I am having issues with the online portal.

For any issues on the day, please click here for the troubleshooting guide, and watch the introductory video below in the first instance. If you cannot resolve the issue please contact coba@conceptevents.com.au.  Live Support technicians will be available on the day who can be contacted through the portal.

Can I claim CPD points for the Financial Crimes Symposium and COBA Convention 2021?

Yes CPD points apply.  A general certificate of attendance will be sent after the events.  If registered to attend both events you will receive two certificates.  For information on the number of points applicable click here